Tips and guidance for your Ketogenic Diet and Lifestyle

How to Rock Your Ketogenic Success During “Eating Season”
10 Nov, 2021
Coach Elaina shares her top tips on breezing through the eatingest time of year.
We're headed for the end of the year, all the holidays, and all the stress that comes along with navigating the season. Do you s...

Stop Rewarding Yourself with Food
30 Sep, 2021
A ketogenic lifestyle is one of the first steps in changing the way we treat ourselves and our bodies. It is a significant step,...

Macronutrient Partitioning and You
16 Sep, 2021
Coach Kimmi explains macro partitioning and how it can help you achieve your goals.
This article is about macronutrient partitioning using a ketogenic diet and tracking food. What is it, and why should you bother...

Stress Management and Keto
13 Sep, 2021
Feeling stressed out? It seems to be a common part of everyday life. Stress at work, stress at home, stress over the current env...

Five Ways to Begin, then Assess, an n=1 Experiment on Keto
02 Sep, 2021
In a recent article, we discussed what types of n=1 experiment you might try to fine-tune, improve, or expand on your ketogenic...

Ten Experiments to Take Your Keto to the Next Level
30 Aug, 2021
If you are not getting the results that you’d like or are still experiencing pain that keto hasn’t resolved, it might be time to...

Are You Hungry?
26 Aug, 2021
So often we think we are hungry, but are we really?
What does it mean to feel truly hungry? There are different types of sensations we may feel and identify as hunger, but that are...

My Experience with Compulsive Eating Disorders
20 Aug, 2021
Coach Jessyca talks about a recently recognized eating disorder.
When I was young, the only eating disorders that I ever heard ever discussed were anorexia and bulimia, and even then it was a r...

Keto Disaster Prep 101
29 Jul, 2021
Advice on how to be prepared with keto foods in case of an emergency from a keto Floridian.
(Editor's note: This post was written, in real time, right before Hurricane Irma in 2017.) Living in the Southeastern United St...

My Favorite Keto Movies
22 Jul, 2021
Coach Jenn dishes on her favorite keto-friendly flicks.
I am frequently asked about how I discovered the ketogenic way of life. When I started this journey back in 1999, the word "keto...

Macro Wars: The Ketogenic Success Approach
08 Jul, 2021
Why we do what we do.
Parts one and two of this series can be found at the hyperlinks. Ketogenic Success has a bit of a reputation. We've come to be...

Macro Wars: Must You Starve to Lose Weight?
01 Jul, 2021
Editor's note: This is the second part in the Macro Wars series. Part one may be found here. Calories In Versus Calories Out. D...

When Science Breaks Bad
25 Jun, 2021
Scientific data is only as good as the methods used to collect it.
Like many of you, we've been inundated with queries about all the recent "science" that purports to show various reasons why ket...

Macro Wars: Will Eating Fat Make You Fat?
24 Jun, 2021
Countering a persistent- and controversial- dietary myth.
Editor's note: I'm just going to tell y'all up front that this topic contains a whole heck of a lot of information and clarifica...

Don't Chase the Bandwagon
23 Jun, 2021
It’s not always wise to follow all the latest diet fads.
Fads. They're pretty ubiquitous in the health and wellness community, and it's something thats been discussed in this space man...

Three Simple Ways to Control Your Blood Sugar
18 Jun, 2021
Coach Elaina shares tips for controlling blood sugar levels.
If you're like me, and have turned to the ketogenic lifestyle for diabetes and optimal blood sugar control, I have a few tips to...

Choosing Your Keto Method: A Study in Pictures
17 Jun, 2021
No two bodies are the same, so we can’t expect identical results.
The keto flame wars. They never really seem to end, do they? Last week, we broached the topic of how vitriolic we can get wit...

On Regret
16 Jun, 2021
Think you’ll regret avoiding cheats? Think again.
It's that time of year again. The time that makes me want to hide in a hole and never come out. The time that makes building a m...

Scale Obsession
13 Jun, 2021
Weighing too frequently can mess with your head.
]  OMG!! I weighed this morning and the scale hadn't moved, and then when I weighed this evening it WENT UP 3 LB!!! Why am I ga...

Five Easy Ways to Add Fat Fast
11 Jun, 2021
Coach Elaina shares tips on getting in enough dietary fat. Hint: no fat bombs involved!
"How do I add all the fats without eating it by the spoonful?" is a common question we Ketogenic Lifestyle Coaches field. It's u...

Choosing Your Keto Method: Clearing Up the Confusion
10 Jun, 2021
Sorting through the different styles of keto eating.
It's no secret that there is often controversy within the ketogenic community. It's unfortunate, but we seem to have divided our...

Three Carnivorous Surprises
19 May, 2021
Coach Katrina discusses the three things about eating Carnivore that surprised her most.
I decided to try carnivore (for a second time) simply as a way to support a fellow coach in her own experiment. It was supposed...

How to Choose a Tracker
30 Apr, 2021
What to look for when using a macronutrient tracker for your keto diet.
Most of us here in Ketoland track our food, or have at least a few times. As we've written about before, tracking can be an incr...

Dumping the Ancel Keys Playbook
29 Apr, 2021
Understanding the pressure to conform, and how to overcome it.
For anyone not familiar with the name Ancel Keys, let's introduce you. Dr. Keys was an influential physiologist from the Univers...

Your Macros are Your Own
28 Apr, 2021
Trying to replicate someone else’s macros is folly.
Various Ketogenic Success authors have written multiple times about the fact that we are all different and our needs aren't iden...

What is Lipedema?
16 Apr, 2021
Coach Katrina helps to identify a poorly understood, but common medical condition.
Do any of these statements ring true for you? I am extremely pear-shaped, with a lower half disproportionally larger than my...

CICO Must Die
15 Apr, 2021
Focus on calories consumed ignores all the other major (and more important) factors in weight and health.
I admit it. I hate CICO. Passionately. Hate. It. You could even say I have a personal vendetta against it. CICO is an acronym...

To Exo, or Not: What's the Deal with Exogenous Ketones?
14 Apr, 2021
Do you need to take ketones on a low-carb or keto diet?
In pretty much every sector of the health and wellness community, we are inundated with products. Sweet fancy Moses, the product...

The Problem with Willpower
26 Mar, 2021
Coach Elaina talks about willpower, and why it’s not our only tool for success.
I am sure you're very familiar with the term will power, but what exactly does it mean? According to most psychologists, willpow...

Gluconeogenesis, Chocolate Cake, and the Straw Man Fallacy
25 Mar, 2021
Diabetics may handle protein differently. A perspective on these differences from a Type II diabetic.
In the low-carb community, the concept of gluconeogenesis (GNG) has become quite controversial. First of all, let’s talk about...

Start with Your Next Meal
24 Mar, 2021
Don’t put off your ketogenic success!
Often, when a person makes the decision to change their diet, they get very excited and begin to plan when they are going to sta...

Fast Food Facts
18 Mar, 2021
Is it safe to eat fast food on a ketogenic diet?
Fast food joints are the height of convenience. Quick, easy, and relatively cheap food is high on the lists of most busy, time-p...

Body Dysmorphia and Me
17 Mar, 2021
Mandy talks about her battle with a warped self-view, and learning to see ourselves as we really are.
This is me. I am not fat. Right now, I wear a US women's size four, most of my clothes are from the petite section, and my mo...

Your First Steps to Food Freedom
26 Feb, 2021
Coach Jessyca shares ten steps to finding freedom from food addiction and dependence.
No diet can truly yield optimal results when you are eating for reasons other than hunger. Based on my own experience of losing...

Listening to Your Leptin
25 Feb, 2021
How to tell when you’re full, and what to do when that signaling is off.
Everyone, meet Leptin. Leptin is your satiety (fullness) hormone that tells you when you’ve eaten enough. On a high-carb diet,...

To Track, or Not to Track
24 Feb, 2021
Should you track your macros?
That is the question, isn't it? As a long-time ketonian and low-carb chef-type person, I am regularly asked my opinion on track...

Keeping it Keto on Special Occasions
19 Feb, 2021
Coach Jenn shares her tips on maintaining your low-carb lifestyle even when we’re celebrating.
Here are a few tips from Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach Jenn Brown on how to survive and thrive during holidays and other special occ...

Against Fasting
18 Feb, 2021
Is fasting a good idea? It depends on why- and how- you do it.
After reading that headline, we're sure we've got lots of eyeballs and attention! We want to start off by making things perfect...

Don't Blame Keto for What the Carbs Did
17 Feb, 2021
Your new keto diet probably isn’t the reason you feel bad.
We get it. You're making a big change in your life. You don't know exactly what to expect, so you pay attention to your body an...

Running on Empty
12 Feb, 2021
Consistently under-fueling your body does long-term damage to your metabolism.
Imagine you're a pilot. You report to the airport, and make your way to your plane for a flight from L. A. to Hawaii. At some p...

Break the Cycle
11 Feb, 2021
Kick carb dependency to the curb!
Carb addiction. Many of us have been there. I was addicted to sugar and carbs for several years. Sugar and carbs had a seductiv...

Every Body is Different
10 Feb, 2021
Your body isn’t like anyone else’s. Expecting your progress to mirror another’s is folly.
I wanted to take some time today to kind-of piggyback off of Rekka's recent post, Learn the Science, Not the Rules. This is an i...

Learn the Science, Not the Rules
05 Feb, 2021
Ketogenic protocols follow and change with the most up-to-date metabolic science, not arbitrary guidelines.
Keto isn’t about the rules. It’s about improving the way your body functions. Let me elaborate. My first effort when someone as...

Just Eat Real Food
04 Feb, 2021
Eating whole foods, as close to their natural source as possible, is the foundation of a nutritional ketogenic diet.
For those who are new in the keto community, our way of life seems to present many mental blocks and challenges. Some have a har...

What's Up with My Pee?
03 Feb, 2021
Noticing urinary oddities isn’t necessarily a cause for alarm.
Sometimes new ketonians think of the strangest things to ask about on the Ketogenic Success Facebook group. One thing that just...

Ingredients Matter
29 Jan, 2021
Learn why it is essential to read about and understand the ingredients in convenience foods.
Convenience foods. Anyone who rolls keto-style probably has quite the love/ hate relationship with them. We live in a fast-pac...

Why Am I Still Hungry?
28 Jan, 2021
The hormonal reasons for out-of-control hunger.
For most, ketogenic living feels a little like magic. Once they start eating low-carb and stick to it for a relatively short per...

What's the Skinny on Coconut Oil?
27 Jan, 2021
Scary headlines about coconut oil and other saturated fats are often questionable, at best.
Like many of you, I woke up this weekend to be greeted with a splashy headline from USA Today boldly declaring: Coconut oil isn...

Three Frequent Newcomer Pitfalls
22 Jan, 2021
Easy ways to avoid the most common early mistakes.
There are a few common ways that people new to keto may unknowingly hinder their progress. What they’re doing isn’t necessarily...

Measuring Your Ketones
21 Jan, 2021
Those colored strips don’t tell the whole story.
So, you have your brand-new ketone strips. Congratulations! I'm sure you would rather have had a nice cup of coffee with heavy...

Down with Magical Thinking
20 Jan, 2021
Stop thinking of keto as a magic diet trick and start living a lifestyle.
One thing that forever annoys me about the health and wellness community in general is the deluge of magical thinking that goes...

The Problem with "Yummy"
15 Jan, 2021
Why the constant search for decadence and hyper-palatability in our meals can be a problem.
Here in the West, we are inundated by many so-called First World Problems. Essentially, that refers to the idea that we have so...

Do, or Do Not. There is No Try.
14 Jan, 2021
Make your life changing decision today!
  At any given time on the Ketogenic Success Facebook group, you can find people who ask for advice but reject the input they’r...

Fast for a Purpose, Not as Punishment
13 Jan, 2021
I often say, "Wherever you go, you take your issues with you." This holds true for dieting. Chances are that, if you're reading...

Keto and Kids
08 Jan, 2021
Is keto and low-carb eating OK for kids?
Within the keto community, there is a lot of chatter about- and controversy over- whether or not we should move our children ove...

The Quick Guide To Fasting Lingo
07 Jan, 2021
The “Poor Cousin’s Guide” to fasting terms and benefits.
(Editor's note: Including fatty coffee or tea is one way that's frequently recommended by some experts to help those unused to l...

Four Ways to Break Up with Food
06 Jan, 2021
Tips to help keep food and eating from running your life.
Food is for body fuel, not entertainment. Statements like the above can be very upsetting, especially to those who may have spe...

The Keto Guide to Fermented Food, Part 3
18 Dec, 2020
Which fermented foods are great for keto and which should you avoid?
Editor's note: We here at Ketogenic Success want to make it clear that we are not telling people what to eat. The opinions expre...

Nutritional Keto Is Different
17 Dec, 2020
Four ways a nutritional keto approach is different from other food lifestyles.
With the big splash a certain low-carb doctor made in the media years back, most folks nowadays are at least somewhat familiar w...

Three Steps to Keto Recovery
16 Dec, 2020
What to do when you unintentionally eat off-plan.
Even the most seasoned keto pro knows that sabotage happens. Whether you're out for dinner and the waiter didn't mention (or did...

The Keto Guide to Fermented Food, Part 2
11 Dec, 2020
An ongoing series on the place of fermented foods in a ketogenic or low-carb diet.
Last week, we laid out a basic overview of fermentation and why it, and the bacteria you may get from fermented foods, may be be...

Let's Talk About Poop
10 Dec, 2020
Frank discussion of bowel issues and common questions about constipation on low-carb and keto.
Watch Out! Lots of Bodily Functions in this post! It’s all biology, and we have to deal with it every day. Parents or health pr...

Seven Tips for Keto on a Budget
09 Dec, 2020
You don’t have to spend a fortune to eat keto meals.
One of the upsides of switching to a ketogenic lifestyle is that we focus on eating real food, so processed junk is cut out. Muc...

The Keto Guide to Fermented Food, Part 1
04 Dec, 2020
What are fermented foods and why are they good for us?
Fermented foods and their relation to proper gut health is something you see bandied about a lot in the health and nutrition com...

Three Ways to Be Keto (When Your Family Is Not)
03 Dec, 2020
Deciding how to approach stocking your keto pantry and cooking family meals can make or break your low-carb lifestyle.
In an ideal world, whenever mom, dad, son, or daughter decided they need to lose weight and get healthy the whole family would i...

The Truth About Fruit
02 Dec, 2020
Most people assume fruit, and its sugar, is perfectly healthy. Is that true, and what does it mean on a keto diet?
Fruit is nature's candy. Naturally sweet and juicy, it's a dietary favorite and a pretty big staple in Western culture. Most fru...

How the Sugar Mafia Almost Killed Us All
27 Nov, 2020
A flashback look at emerging evidence of foul play within the sugar and research industries.
[Editor's Note: We are republishing this piece, largely unchanged, because it documented a nutrition scandal as it broke, and se...

The Keto Guide to Dairy
26 Nov, 2020
Learn what types of dairy are ideal on a low-carb and ketogenic lifestyle.
One of my favorite things about the ketogenic lifestyle is all the dairy. As long as you have no allergy or sensitivity, real cr...

Four Reasons You Feel Like You're Dieting
25 Nov, 2020
Learn about the mindset that keeps you tied to “dieting” and the truths that will set you free.
Stop dieting. Train and listen to your body. This should be what you want to do. Yet, when people begin Keto (which is still gr...

Six Tips to Survive the Holidays
20 Nov, 2020
Anxious about the holidays? Make it through the season with these keto survival tips!
The weather in the northern hemisphere is getting a little cooler. The leaves on the trees are changing color, and all the store...

Tools to Help You Ditch the Scale
19 Nov, 2020
Measurements that are more important than weight on a keto diet.
We all know about the number on the scale. Some of us have been watching it for years (and years and years and years). This, how...

So You Wanna Know About MCT Oil
18 Nov, 2020
What is MCT oil and why do keto people use it?
So, you've been keto for a short time- or you're thinking about getting started- and you see all these references to fatty coffe...

How to Become a Keto Restaurant Master
13 Nov, 2020
Six tips to help you stay low carb while eating out.
You've finally taken the plunge. Scoured all the info on the Ketogenic Success website. Read every keto book you can get your ha...

The Truth About Peanuts
12 Nov, 2020
Wherein we consider whether peanuts fit into a keto lifestyle.
Peanuts can be a controversial topic in the keto world, with entrenched "for" and "against" camps scattered throughout the nutri...

Breaking Up with Your BMI
11 Nov, 2020
Discover why the BMI is a misleading measurement of your low-carb and keto success.
Bolt taking a close World 100 m win over Justin Gatlin. Photo credit: Erik van Leeuwen (used under GFDL)   The above is a phot...

Fasting Destroys Your Cells (and That's a Good Thing)
06 Nov, 2020
Fasting and keto frequently go hand-in-hand. Find out why fasting can optimize your health.
One of the big benefits of going keto is satiation. Fat is harder to digest and provides the body more energy per gram, so it ke...

Nutrition Sources You Might Not Be Able to Trust
05 Nov, 2020
Various sources of nutrition information may not be very reliable.
Selective Listening is a phenomena wherein one only really pays attention to the parts of a conversation that interest them. We...

Guest Post: Coach Kimmi Talks Potassium and the Ketogenic Person
04 Nov, 2020
Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach, Kimmi Katte, explains concerns around potassium and the safety of supplementation.
Electrolytes are a frequent topic of conversation, and a huge source of confusion in Ketogenic circles. Kimmi Katte is one of ou...

Five Reasons You May Be a "Slow Loser"
30 Oct, 2020
Before you rush into a crash diet, learn the most common causes of slow weight loss. They might surprise you!
Keto is known for producing some pretty dramatic results for a lot of people in a relatively short period of time. However, we r...

Guest Post: Coach Kimmi Talks Magnesium
29 Oct, 2020
Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach, Kimmi Katte, explains why we need to supplement magnesium on keto.
Electrolytes are a frequent topic of conversation, and a huge source of confusion in Ketogenic circles. Kimmi Katte is one of ou...

Don't Be Fooled by Science
28 Oct, 2020
Friends and family pushing back against your keto lifestyle? We explain why and how to cope.
[EDITOR'S NOTE: Before you read any further, we want to make sure you understand that nobody on the Ketogenic Success team is an...

Keto Tips for Coffee Shop Mastery
23 Oct, 2020
New to navigating the coffee shop? Follow these five tips to keep your coffee low-carb and keto.
Specialty coffee is A Thing now. Macchiatos, cappuccinos, lattes, and frappés are all the rage. Of course, no list of specialty...

Guest Post: Coach Kimmi Talks Sodium and the Ketogenic Person
22 Oct, 2020
Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach, Kimmi Katte, explains why we need so much salt on keto and when to supplement.
Electrolytes are a frequent topic of conversation, and a huge source of confusion in Ketogenic circles. Kimmi Katte is one of ou...

It's Fuel, Not Personal
21 Oct, 2020
Why people fight about food, and what to do about it.
Food is our fuel. Pretty much the whole of humanity knows this. So why on earth do we fight over it? This is something about wh...

Four Reasons Your Stall Might Not Be So Bad
16 Oct, 2020
One thing anyone who has ever tried to lose weight hates and fears is the plateau, also known as a stall. A weight loss stall is...

Guest Post: Jessyca Speaks Out About Laxative Abuse
15 Oct, 2020
Editor's note: This week we have a special guest post from a member of our coaching team, Jessyca Reynolds. I'm seeing a distur...

Are You Standing in Your Own Way?
14 Oct, 2020
Learn how to recognize habits and attitudes that can sabotage your keto progress.
Whether they know it or not, many people are experts at self-sabotage. These folks often say they want things certain in life, b...

Nine Steps to Ensure Ketogenic Success
05 Oct, 2020
Tips and tricks for reaching your goals on the standard ketogenic diet.
Keto can be confusing to newbies (sometimes to veterans, too). With so many different "types" of keto popping up, and all kinds...

Is Keto an Eating Disorder?
05 Oct, 2020
On keto we avoid foods that make us fat and sick. That’s the opposite of disordered.
Ketogenic eating as a lifestyle is, often times, very misunderstood. It's unfortunate, but many ketonians eventually face questi...

Thirteen Common Keto Mistakes
05 Oct, 2020
Don’t make the common new-to-keto mistakes. We’ve identified what they are and what to do about them.
Adjusting to the ketogenic diet and lifestyle is a process and, like any other process, there are some learning curves and speed...

Water, Water, Everywhere
04 Oct, 2020
Do we need eight glasses of water a day? How about a gallon? Is there a such thing as too much? Find out all about drinking water on keto.
Water. It's the source of all life. Around seventy-one percent of the earth's surface is covered with it. There is water vapor...

Ketosis Versus Keto-Adapted
04 Oct, 2020
Adaptation to the ketogenic lifestyle doesn’t only mean reaching a state of ketosis. Learn how to tell the difference.
When beginning a new lifestyle, it's common for people to want to know everything about it. Sometimes that means we come across...

The Problem with Intuitive Eating
04 Oct, 2020
If we don’t follow the clock, how do we know when to eat?
One of the best things about the ketogenic diet and lifestyle is the freedom it provides. You might never realize exactly how sh...

Coach’s Corner: Jessyca’s Journey
01 Oct, 2020
Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach, Jessyca Reynolds, details her journey from bulimic to obese to healthy and free.
Wife, mother, and grandmother. When asked how she would describe herself, Jessyca Reynolds responded with the relationships tha...

Coach’s Corner: Elaina Wang Beat Illness, Addiction, and Diabetes
30 Sep, 2020
Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach, Elaina Wang, shares her experiences overcoming morbid obesity and methamphetamine addiction.
Elaina Wang is probably the most positive person I know. "I only live positive," she told me. "It is probably a lot of what has...

Three Major Differences Between the Ketogenic and Paleo Diets
24 Sep, 2020
While there are many similarities between the two protocols, keto is more than just "modified paleo."
When we talk to people about the ketogenic diet and lifestyle, one of the questions most frequently asked is, "Is that like pale...

What Is The Ketogenic Diet?
23 Sep, 2020
Fat, protein, and carbs are macronutrients and are the building blocks of all nutrition.
When people notice someone has lost weight, the first question they ask is, "How did you do it?" When the answer involves eating...

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