Tips and guidance for your Ketogenic Diet and Lifestyle

Keto Tips for Coffee Shop Mastery
23 Oct, 2020
New to navigating the coffee shop? Follow these five tips to keep your coffee low-carb and keto.
Specialty coffee is A Thing now. Macchiatos, cappuccinos, lattes, and frappés are all the rage. Of course, no list of specialty...

Guest Post: Coach Kimmi Talks Sodium and the Ketogenic Person
22 Oct, 2020
Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach, Kimmi Katte, explains why we need so much salt on keto and when to supplement.
Electrolytes are a frequent topic of conversation, and a huge source of confusion in Ketogenic circles. Kimmi Katte is one of ou...

It's Fuel, Not Personal
21 Oct, 2020
Why people fight about food, and what to do about it.
Food is our fuel. Pretty much the whole of humanity knows this. So why on earth do we fight over it? This is something about wh...

Four Reasons Your Stall Might Not Be So Bad
16 Oct, 2020
One thing anyone who has ever tried to lose weight hates and fears is the plateau, also known as a stall. A weight loss stall is...

Guest Post: Jessyca Speaks Out About Laxative Abuse
15 Oct, 2020
Editor's note: This week we have a special guest post from a member of our coaching team, Jessyca Reynolds. I'm seeing a distur...

Are You Standing in Your Own Way?
14 Oct, 2020
Learn how to recognize habits and attitudes that can sabotage your keto progress.
Whether they know it or not, many people are experts at self-sabotage. These folks often say they want things certain in life, b...

Nine Steps to Ensure Ketogenic Success
05 Oct, 2020
Tips and tricks for reaching your goals on the standard ketogenic diet.
Keto can be confusing to newbies (sometimes to veterans, too). With so many different "types" of keto popping up, and all kinds...

Is Keto an Eating Disorder?
05 Oct, 2020
On keto we avoid foods that make us fat and sick. That’s the opposite of disordered.
Ketogenic eating as a lifestyle is, often times, very misunderstood. It's unfortunate, but many ketonians eventually face questi...

Thirteen Common Keto Mistakes
05 Oct, 2020
Don’t make the common new-to-keto mistakes. We’ve identified what they are and what to do about them.
Adjusting to the ketogenic diet and lifestyle is a process and, like any other process, there are some learning curves and speed...

Water, Water, Everywhere
04 Oct, 2020
Do we need eight glasses of water a day? How about a gallon? Is there a such thing as too much? Find out all about drinking water on keto.
Water. It's the source of all life. Around seventy-one percent of the earth's surface is covered with it. There is water vapor...

Ketosis Versus Keto-Adapted
04 Oct, 2020
Adaptation to the ketogenic lifestyle doesn’t only mean reaching a state of ketosis. Learn how to tell the difference.
When beginning a new lifestyle, it's common for people to want to know everything about it. Sometimes that means we come across...

The Problem with Intuitive Eating
04 Oct, 2020
If we don’t follow the clock, how do we know when to eat?
One of the best things about the ketogenic diet and lifestyle is the freedom it provides. You might never realize exactly how sh...

Coach’s Corner: Jessyca’s Journey
01 Oct, 2020
Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach, Jessyca Reynolds, details her journey from bulimic to obese to healthy and free.
Wife, mother, and grandmother. When asked how she would describe herself, Jessyca Reynolds responded with the relationships tha...

Coach’s Corner: Elaina Wang Beat Illness, Addiction, and Diabetes
30 Sep, 2020
Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach, Elaina Wang, shares her experiences overcoming morbid obesity and methamphetamine addiction.
Elaina Wang is probably the most positive person I know. "I only live positive," she told me. "It is probably a lot of what has...

Three Major Differences Between the Ketogenic and Paleo Diets
24 Sep, 2020
While there are many similarities between the two protocols, keto is more than just "modified paleo."
When we talk to people about the ketogenic diet and lifestyle, one of the questions most frequently asked is, "Is that like pale...

What Is The Ketogenic Diet?
23 Sep, 2020
Fat, protein, and carbs are macronutrients and are the building blocks of all nutrition.
When people notice someone has lost weight, the first question they ask is, "How did you do it?" When the answer involves eating...

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