Three Carnivorous Surprises

Coach Katrina discusses the three things about eating Carnivore that surprised her most.

Article by Katrina Harris | 19 May, 2021

I decided to try carnivore (for a second time) simply as a way to support a fellow coach in her own experiment. It was supposed to be a month long experiment, but has morphed into a mostly carnivore lifestyle that has lasted about two years. 

These surprising results have kept me sticking to a carnivore/low oxalate protocol:

Elimination of My Perimenopause Symptoms

One thing I was dealing with was night sweats. They happened about once every week to ten days, and it was horrible. And frankly, it felt gross to wake and be completely drenched in sweat, to need to change my clothes and sheets in the night. Not a fan. But since becoming carnivore/low oxalate, this has not happened even one time. 

Improvement in My Vein Health 

I have varicose veins in my legs. On one of my shins they were so dark it looked like a huge bruise. And I had a bulging vein. After about 3 months carnivore, I noticed that my bulging vein had disappeared completely. Those varicose veins? They are still there, but have faded quite a bit.

The End of Mental Negotiations

I have been eating keto for almost 7 years, and with that experience, people eating carbs in front of me isn’t a big deal. Having carbs that I used to crave in my house is also not a big deal. My mental struggle on keto has always been around foods that are allowed that also cause me to want more and more. For me, those foods that drive cravings are things like nuts, berries, and keto baked goods. Being carnivore means that I have a clear line in the sand; on a carnivorous protocol, those trouble foods are no longer options. They are relegated to the same category as the carbs, so I don’t have to struggle to negotiate or rationalize eating them.

How about you? Have you considered carnivore? If you are carnivore, what has been your biggest surprise?


Katrina Harris is a Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach, and co-facilitates the Carnivore Challenge Group. If you're interested in beginning or maximizing a carnivorous protocol, sign up today for the next group (begins May 30, 20201).

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