Do, or Do Not. There is No Try.

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Article by Rekka Jay | 17 Jan, 2021

Article originally published on on 3/31/17. It has been lightly edited for re-publication.


At any given time on the Ketogenic Success Facebook group, you can find people who ask for advice but reject the input they’re given because they are clinging to their old way of eating, their old treats.

They start a "keto diet" because they see amazing results from other people, but they refuse to truly adopt the keto lifestyle. They're focused on the next cheat. Or dreaming of that magical, fairy-godmother-and-pumpkin day when, they believe, they can go right back to doing what they did before and keep any hard-won weight loss.

That person believes, perhaps not on the surface but deep within, that they are inherently flawed. That failure defines them, and they want a rigid set of rules that can set them up to fail in keeping with their true nature. On the surface, of course, they hope that they can succeed, but there's a deep inner-core belief that they will not.

Sadly, modern society and the weight loss industry are all about blaming the dieter for failing the diet. This concept of "you failed, try harder" is rampant in daytime television and, in January, anywhere else you can turn your eyeballs.

These people, often without realizing it, feel better when they finally admit defeat and return to their previous lifestyle. They add to their list of failures, resume feeling guilty for everything they do, and move forward, convinced that this cycle is their destiny.

Enough. It’s only your truth if you let it be.

I am not a perfect example of keto. I’m only a perfect example of human. I tried for five years, falling off the wagon and trying to race to catch up and jump back on again. My husband and I were horrible enablers for each other. If one went off plan, the other one joined in, no matter what resolve they thought they had. It was back to the old comfort food and a meal off turned into a weekend off, turned into a week off, and into months. I’d keep trying, but I knew that eventually I’d fail again, so why not tonight?

But, here’s the thing: Yoda nailed it. Trying isn’t an option. When you have the resolve to say, "I will change," then you are 12 parsecs deeper into the keto lifestyle than a person who still thinks of each decision as an either-or.

In February of 2016, I resolved that I was independently responsible for my decisions. I deserve to match the vision of myself that I hold in my mind, and I will stay on track no matter what happens in the world around me.

Your mind will believe the truth you feed it. It sees what you focus on. If you focus on the things you can’t have, that deprivation will become the center of your universe. If you focus on what you want, what you can do, what you can eat, how you will feel, you make the positive feelings the center of your universe.

This focus is your Why. You hear about the Why from our coaches other content creators a lot, and there's a good reason for that. Your Why is the yellow brick road you’ll follow to your goal. It's your beacon of light in the fog banks of temptation or faltering resolve.

Your Why is a fixed point, your navigational star. Your Why is the motivation that will lead you to the healthier, more fit, likely slimmer you of the future.

Whenever you find yourself on the precipice of a non-keto decision, focusing on your Why can give you the strength to back away from the ledge. Even better, if you make your Why your entire focus, those non-keto decisions are going to crop up less and less, because you will only see what you focus on.

So, do yourself a favor, and focus on success. You deserve it, and you can achieve it.

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