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Questions related to our various Facebook groups

If you have a question about our groups that is not answered here, please use the Contact Us page or message one of the group admins. 

Ketogenic Success and all Ketogenic Success groups are owned by Q1 Productions, LLC. These groups are privately owned, and are not run democratically, as is the case with most FB groups. The administrative team, under the direction of the ownership of Q1 Productions, manage the groups in the way that they feel best fit the needs of the community.   The following subjects have to do with behavior that is encouraged, and behavior that is not tolerated, and can get a member removed from our FB groups. We encourage you to read these rules and guidelines, to help you better decide if this is the place for you. If you disagree with our rules and regulations, no hard feelings. There are several keto groups out there, one of which may be a better fit for you. Whether you decide to stay or leave, we wish you the best of success!

The official Facebook Groups of the Ketogenic Success network

Ketogenic Success — Our main group, dedicated to health, science, success stories and the like. For beginners and veterans alike. Join the group at

My Ketogenic Kitchen — For discussion of keto food and recipes. This group is associated with our recipe website, My Ketogenic Kitchen. Join at

The Ketogenic Athlete — For discussion of sports, working out, and improving overall personal performance in the context of a ketogenic way of life. For all levels, including beginning athletes or anyone who wants to be healthy and active. Join at

What is this group’s stance on anything and everything related to keto?

Ketogenic Success, including its owners and administrators, believe in following a ketogenic lifestyle as prescribed by Dr. Jeff Volek, PhD, RD, and Dr. Stephen Phinney, MD, PhD, the authors of The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living and The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance.

Who are the admins?

The list of admins is available in the Pinned Post.  If you are unfamiliar with what or where the pinned post is, scroll up to the top of the page, and click on the word “Discussion.”  The first discussion should be marked as the Pinned Post.  Each Facebook group has one.  Depending on your browser or device (tablet, phone, etc.), you may need to click where it says “Click here to read the Pinned Post.”

What do I do if I have a problem with a person or content in the groups?

If you see information that is incorrect or objectionable, please report the post or comment and an admin will review it and take any necessary action. If you are being harassed by a member of our groups, either in the group or privately, please let an admin know about it. They will decide if action is necessary. If you have any other questions or concerns about the groups, please contact an admin.  If you have questions or concerns about keto, you may post them to the group for everyone to discuss.

What do I do if I have a problem with one or more of the admins in the group?

We take complaints about our admins and staff very seriously.

Please use the Contact Us page to let us know, and please provide examples. If you need to provide screen shots of conversations, please say so and we will reply to your contact email so you can attach them to the email.

Do you have a language policy?

Yes. We attempt to keep this site and all our groups family friendly. Please refrain from profanity. Any posts with profanity run the risk of being reported to an admin, and subsequently deleted.

What is your policy about posting progress pictures?

Pictures must be either of yourself, or you must have the express permission of the person whose picture you are posting. We encourage you to post unaltered pictures, to the greatest extent possible, so people get a realistic impression of your progress. Please refrain from underwear shots and self-promotion.

For pictures, is there a dress policy?

Yes. If you wear it in public, it’s fine. Your picture could potentially be seen by over 100K people. 

Please no nudes or underwear shots (including visible underwear waistbands, etc).

If you're wearing a bathing suit, please ensure the suit covers intimate areas. 

Any nude shots or underwear shots will be reported to an admin, and subsequently deleted.

Can I promote my blog or other social media account?

No. We moderate and delete all forms of self-promotion. Please do not promote your FB group, your YouTube channel, your blog, your services, your Amazon affiliate link, your recipe page, or try to recruit members from our page. This includes overlaying your social media account usernames on your images.

You may notice FB admins promoting Ketogenic Success blogs, coaching services, and events such as KetoCon. These blogs, services and events are affiliated with Ketogenic Success and, as such, are the exception to this policy.

Can I provide a link to someone else’s site?

If the information that you wish to link to is pertinent to a discussion, and helpful, and keto, then you may post the link to someone else’s recipe, blog, etc. Note that admins will make a final decision on what is self-promotion and whether to delete it.

What is your policy on posting files?

Please do not post files to a Ketogenic Success Facebook group. We cannot allow unsolicited files from members or other websites, as we cannot verify the veracity or accuracy of the contents.

What is your policy on posting videos?

Please do not post videos to a Ketogenic Success Facebook group. We cannot allow unsolicited videos from members or other websites, as we cannot verify the veracity or accuracy of the contents.

Can I share a recipe I paid for?

Due to copyright laws, you may not share scanned pages of books, regarding macros, recipes, or whatever the content.

For recipes, specifically, copyright law does not protect mere listings of ingredients. However, copyright law may extend to substantial literary expression – a description, explanation, or illustration, for example – that accompanies a recipe, such as in a cookbook. Copyright violations, if reported to or spotted by an admin, will be deleted.

Can I post photos of non-keto food in the Kitchen group?

Food pics must be keto food. If it looks like non-keto food, you must state that it is keto, or we will assume it’s non-keto and it will likely be deleted, especially if reported to an admin.

If you post a photo of prepared keto food, you must provide the recipe in the post. (Exceptions would be a photo of a rib eye and sliced avocado or something similar; that wouldn't require a recipe!). All ingredients listed must be keto. If you post a recipe where most of the ingredients are non-keto, it will disappear.   

If you post a recipe with a small minority of non-keto ingredients, and you ask how to make the recipe keto, this is acceptable.

How do I report a post?

If you see a post that violates community standards, please scroll up to the OP (opening post) on the group’s page and you will see "..." in the top corner. Click or tap on it and you should see the option to “Report post to group admins.”

If you see a comment that violates community standards, click the "..." beside the comment on a browser or press and hold on the comment on your mobile device and select "Report comment to group admins."

The admin team will be notified and will review the post and comments to see if any community standards have been violated, and take any action necessary.

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